New Horizon also operates as a resource center for supporting civil society organizations.
Within this service exists a special help desk, which constantly provides the following services:

U okviru uspostavljenog help deska, NH kontinuirano pruža sljedeće usluge:

  • daily news about the activities of local NGOs;
  • providing legal advice for the establishing and functioning of non-governmental organizations;
  • informing NGOs and local administration about current contests;
  • instructing and linking local NGOs with state bodies and state institutions; with non-governmental organizations from Montenegro;
  • administration of the website and e-mail list of non-governmental organizations;
  • creating and maintaining a database of local NGOs;
  • advising and supporting local NGOs in undertaking various initiatives at local level;
  • supporting the consultative process which is accomplished by local administrative bodies in cooperation with non-governmental organizations in the municipality of Ulcinj;
  • granting of new spatial and technical capacities for non-governmental organizations headquartered in the municipality of Ulcinj;
  • Library for NGOs (including professional literature, magazines, manuals, guidebooks from country and from region)