NGO New Horizon started with the implementation of the project “ACTIVE YOUTH – ACTIVE COMMUNITY” funded by the Ministry of Sports and Youth of Montenegro.

The general goal of the project is: encouraging youth activism in Ulcinj through the process of non-formal education of young people, as well as strengthening their business, civil and social competencies. The target group consists of young people aged 15-18 represented from different categories of participants, which are characteristic for local community, such as: ethnic, religious, linguistic affiliation, etc.

Within this project, the following activities are being implemented:

  • Training for 25 young  educators to promote youth activism and their involvement in the local community;
  • Empowering young people in Ulcinj with the necessary entrepreneurial competencies, in order to reduce their unemployment rate;
  • Increasing the individual and social development of young people in Ulcinj;
  • Encouraging Local Self-Government to create an effective youth and social policy at the local level;
  • Strengthening intercultural dialogue and social cohesion between young people from different backgrounds;

Through these activities, young people will become aware of the importance of volunteering and activism, ways to launch public initiatives and events; lead a discussion with each other about the position of young volunteers and activists in the city, reflect on ideas for starting to solve problems affecting themselves etc.