The project “YOUTH in EUROATLANTIC DIALOGUE” is a mutual program of our organization and NGO „Spona“ from Berane, which is realized in the same period (september – december 2014) in Bar and Bijelo Polje, and is supported by the US Embassy.

The overall objective of this project was to contribute the spreading of Euro-Atlantic values among youngsters in Bar region. On the other hand, the specific objective was the education of high school seniors in Bar on Euro-Atlantic integrations – the emergence, the development and the functioning of NATO Alliance as well as the membership process, with a big accent on Montenegro’s status in that process.

Implemented activities

Novi Horizont started this project by seeking partner organizations in Bar so that the Euro-Atlantic education program would start off as successful as possible. Thus, in the early stages of this project we entered into partnership with Biznis StartUp Center from Bar which helped us in linking with students and their professors. These channels also helped us in organizing project presentations in schools. Soon after, a group of 30 students was formed.

The official beginning of the project was organized on the premises of our partner organization on 24th of October, 2014. That same day, the first lecture “The idea of Euro-Atlanticism – Introduction to NATO” was held. Lectures were held every week and the topics were discussed in the following order:

  1. The emergence and development of international security system
  2. The role of NATO in NWO
  3. Montenegro and Euro-Atlantic integrations
  4. NATO structure and decision-making process
  5. Security threats in modern era – 21st century fears ose fear in 21st century

Workshops lasted for about 2 hours and were facilitated by licensed trainers who have great experience in working with youth. Every workshop included specific relaxation games and exercises, video presentations and numerous other activities which helped in increasing the level of interaction among participants as well as in stimulating them to actively take part in the program. Besides learning about NATO, participants gained new knowledge and skills on team building, leadership, debating, decision making, breaking prejudice, etc. Workshops also included short breaks so the participants could refresh themselves with drinks and croissants that were provided for them.

Here’s the schedule of one of the workshops:

11:00 – 11:10 Introduction, organization and project presentation
11:10 – 11:25 The introduction of participants (through the exercise “three similar & three different things)
11:25 – 11:35 Rules of group work
11:35 – 11:50 Expectations (STICKERS)
11:50 – 12:05 Break
12:05 – 12:35 Presentation – Introduction to Euro-Atlanticism (PowerPoint presentation)
12:35 – 12:50 Oral evaluation and arrangements for the next workshop

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By the end of six workshop sessions, we organized the reception of high school students from Bijelo Polje who attended the same education program that was organized by NGO “SPONA” during the project period. For our guest from Bijelo Polje, we prepared the following agenda:

  • The Reception in the City Hall BAR
  • Old Bar visit (the fortress, museum)
  • Botanic garden visit
  • Cultural center visit (Kralj Nikola Palace)
  • A walk by the Bar’s marine

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Soon after that, students from Bar visited Bijelo Polje (26.11.2014) and this is how the agenda of that visit looked like:

  • Bijelo Polje City Hall visit
  • Riste Ratkovic Memorial House visit
  • Museum visit
  • City Mosque visit
  • SV. Petar’s Church visit
  • Free Time (for students of two regions to hang out together)

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These two visits served as a great opportunity for students of both regions to meet and get to know each other better, to learn about each other’s culture and customs, and exchange experiences gained from the Euro-Atlantic education program.

Certificates were made for 28 high school students who successfully finished this program. This fact indicates that the number of students on this program was satisfactory and that the program was a successful one. Awarding ceremony was organized in NATO Info Center in Podgorica on the 12th of December. Certificates that were previously signed by the ambassador Sue K. Brown were handed to participants by DCM B. Bix Aliu, who also gave a short speech about the importance of Euro-Atlantic Integrations for our country.

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