This program is addressed to the ethnic minority youth who often spend long hours on social media consuming unfiltered information without applying critical thinking and media literacy skills to distinguish what is true and what is false. It comes as a result of language differences that noticeably make more difficult developing skills of critical thinking among them.
It is planned that 30 youths (from Ulcinj and Tuzi), up to 25 years old, will be directly involved in all phases of the project.

A special training program will contribute to participants’ capacity building, “learning by doing” and will create a group of educators as a new potential for the promotion of democratic and integration processes in Montenegro.
To analyze the level of this problem among youth and give recommendations, a field research will be realized by trained educators and the results will be presented in a special PRESS conference.
The production of a cycle of thematic videos, which will be broadcasted on social networks will interest youth in the concept of media literacy.
The project will be finalized with the diploma awarding ceremony.

The project impact:

  • To increase critical thinking skills among young activists through learning new tools and methods
  • Getting acquainted with the concept of Human and Minority rights and Democratic Citizenship;
  • To improve their civic online reasoning and encourage responsible social media usage among the youth particularly in the context of human and minority rights, strengthening intercultural competences.
  • Increase awareness for critical access to information and encouraging media to produce relevant media content.



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