In the framework of the Spatial Justice project, New Horizon organized the first local activity with youth workers, urban advisors as well as youths from peripheral areas for the purposes of ensuring them a greater inclusion in the informal settlement upgrading process through the development of new innovative urban games. The activity was more focused on discussing the current situation in the local environment and gathering ideas on possible interventions. 

The overall goal the ‘Spatial Justice’ project is to engage, empower and enable youth, to lead sustainable actions in the process of transformation of peripheral areas into liveable areas through sharing good practices, innovative tools, and methods. Through the consortium of 6 partners from 5 countries in Western Balkans and EU, there will be mediums and opportunities to exchange experiences and knowledge, and on a longer term, create grounds for future initiatives and collaborations. 


Spatial Justice is an Erasmus + Project implemented by Wonderland, Step Institute, ETMI, GO2, New Horizon, REIC. This project is co-funded by the European Union.

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