NGO “New Horizon” organized the closing activity of the project “MY VOICE IN MY MUNICIPALITY” which lasted for 11 months. Participants of our project had the opportunity to have a discussion with our honored guests from the Municipality of Tivat; youth activists from the Alternative Creative Center and this gave them an opportunity to further expand their knowledge about youth politics.

Taking into consideration the experience of our colleagues from the Alternative Creative Center in the field of participatory democracy at the local & national level and also in drafting policies related to youth politics, our youth leaders had the opportunity to gain useful information about different ways to take decisions in the areas related to young people and their rights in the decision-making process. Moreover, the Municipality of Tivat is considered as an example of good practice in Montenegro when it comes to strengthening partnerships with citizens, especially with young people and civil society organizations.

This activity marks the end of the process of strengthening the competencies of young leaders in the field of youth politics at the local level which went through several phases during the project implementation, starting from the training program which took place for three months in a row in the Youth Corner of the City Library – Ulcinj, study visits to the government entities of the Municipal Administration and the Local Parliament. The final phase of this project included the realization of the research publication with the results of the researchVOICE OF CITIZENS FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE.”

This activity represents the finalization of the project “MY VOICE IN MY MUNICIPALITY” which lasted for 11 months and was realized in partnership with the NGO “UL info” and the City Library – Ulcinj, supported by the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro, in scope of the public competition “e-Democracy – participate, propose, change” in the field of the public administration reform.