Strengthening the capacities of local civil society organizations is one of the main programs of the New Horizon, which in its two decades of work is actively engaged in a more developed and influential non-governmental sector, both at the local level and even in the wider region.

To improve and modernize the current way of providing services to local NGOs, we joined the Consortium’s Resource Centre for Civil Society Organizations in Montenegro, a common project of the Centre for the Development of Non-Governmental Organizations (CRNVO) and Local Resource Centres: NGO Bonum from Plevla, NGO Nada from Herceg Novi, New Horizon from Ulcinj and Bjello Poles Democratic Center, supported by the European Union.

For the purpose of a better functioning of this service, the Resource Centre has published a Service Provider Guide for Civil Society Organizations, which provides information on daily services at the Resource Centre, the type of services and the manner of their use.