Non-Governmental Organization “New Horizon” in cooperation with City Library and Primary School “Marshall Tito” has began the project entitled “Children of Ulcinj – promoters of tolerance & diversity”. The purpose of this project, supported by the Montenegrin Ministry of Education, is to provide children in elementary schools with the opportunity to develop and promote tolerance as well as the awareness about belonging, preservation of diversity values in a multicultural environment such as Ulcinj is.

The specific objectives of this project are:

  • Non-institutional education of 30 children – promoters of tolerance of diversity and non-violence;
  • Familiarizing children with the cultures` values in the surrounding environment;
  • Establishment of direct contact of children from urban areas with those of children from rural ones;
  • Building a quality cooperation between NGOs, primary schools and public institutions in the local community;
  • Stimulation of media to inform about the importance of children education against violence;
  • Children encouragement to develop aesthetic values ​​and lifelong education both in formal and informal.

In addition to the educational program which includes 8 interactive workshops, pupils will also participate in study visits which will be organized in educational institutions and cultural heritage object in the territory of the municipality of Ulcinj and of Bar; will be participants of a figurative exhibition of their peers and will take part in filming a short film material which will promote tolerance and non-violence in schools.

Through the activities of this project, children creatively will:

  • develop different skills  (in communication, active listening and reflection, cooperation, empathy and compassion, critical thinking and problem solving, mediation, negotiation and conflict transformation)
  • acquire new knowledge (knowledge of prejudices, information relating to cultural diversity, gender equality, human rights, international law)
  • create attitudes (self-esteem, regret, tolerance and respect for diversity, honor for human dignity, intercultural understanding, social responsibility, solidarity, care).

Moderators/Trainers: Ardita Kovaçeviq, Gjuro Daboviq