New Horizon’s initial mission was integration of the Albanian family in the larger European family through its contribution to development of civil society in Montenegro.

The main goals of the organization are:
– to improve the position of Albanian family in Montenegro;
– to educate, emancipate, and prosper the Albanian family in Montenegro;
– to promote its communication with other in the region;
– to contribute to its involvement in contemporary developments; and
– to contribute to the developments of inter’ethnic relations, dialogue, and tolerance.

At the beginning of 2000, the association opened the first women education club in Ulqin. In the framework of this club, the association organized different activities including: computer, foreign language, journalism, sewing courses; counseling; information sessions during weekends; publication of information guides, education brochures, etc. The Club was funded until 2004 by the Swedish foundation KVINNA TILL KVINNA.

During 2000 – 2001, NH has implemented two main projects: “Preventing early marriages” that was supported by Open Society Institute Podgorica; and “Position of Albanian women in Montenegro” funded by OHCHR.

During 2001 – 2002, NH implemented the project “Support to women with social and economic problems and their children” focusing on free counseling, gynecological visits, pediatric visits and counseling, and legal aid.

In the field of inter-ethnic relations, NH has realized several activities to promote human rights, minority rights, women rights, and development of civil society.

During 2000 – 2001, NH implemented the project “Coexistence and building the future” focusing on a series of four seminars “Human Rights minority rights”, “The war and its consequences in multiethnic areas”, “Human Rights – Women Rights” and “The role of NGOs in building a civil society”. This project was funded by Westminster Foundation for Democracy, London.

During 1999 – 2005 New Horizon worked in youth education programs which included anti-trafficking education, anti drugs education, non formal education, etc. These projects were supported by: Malteser, GFW, USAID, Mama Cash, NEWW Book & Journal Project, etc.

During 2003 – 2005, NH extended its activity outside Montenegro. Several education/awareness projects focusing on anti-trafficking of human beings and development of cross-border cooperation are implemented in partnership with two organizations in Shkodra (Albania) — Human Dimension (Dimension Human) and Gruaja tek Gruaja.

Since 2003, when the Law on local government was approved and respective reforms began in Montenegro, NH also focused on good governance promotion. In this context, there were realized several projects:

“How does local government work” (2003) – was a pilot project supported by OSCE (Office in Montenegro), which consisted on exploring of a public opinion – enquiries, in Ulcinj.

“Local government serving citizens” (2004 – 2005) – an annual project compassed with educational panel discussions, mass media performances, exploring of a public opinion, cycle of round tables and lectures, publish actions. The project was realized by the financial support of The Balkan Trust for Democracy.

“Citizens evaluate Local Police work” (2004)- the project consisted on exploring of the public opinion through questionnaires about Local Police operation in Ulcinj. (for the first time in Montenegro).

“Active citizens – good local governance” – the project was realized through: educational panel discussions, mass media performances, exploring of the public opinion – inquiries, round tables and lectures, brochures and handout publishing, press conferences, field activities and alike. The project was realized by the financial support of The Balkan Trust for Democracy.

“Good preparation for good governance” – an intensive program with representatives of Local Community units, members of nongovernmental organizations and non formal citizen groups, representatives of local business sector, media representatives to promote good governance principles and active citizenship, supported by Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

“Local Parliamentarism Promotion” – the Project was dedicated to the members of Local Parliament and supported by Municipality of Ulcinj.

For involving the local community in the social process, we realized the following projects:

“Community mobilization in the fight against Human Trafficking in Ulcinj Municipality” (2005 – 2008) – the project included a cycle of educative workshops dedicated to high school students, TV broadcasts, surveys, campaigns, round tables, etc. The project was supported by CARE International.

“Drug addiction, our city’s problem too” (2004) – surveying students of all schools in the Municipality of Ulcinj regarding knowledge, presentation and usage of narcotics.

“The youth and institutions” (2006 – 2007) – the project included visits of students in local and republican institutions and informed them about the role of these institutions.

The capacity to provoke changes and involve stakeholders also including local authorities is one of NH’s strengths. The association could advocate and lobby by using the language of facts and avoiding potential pressure and conflicts.

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Education Club

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How does local government work

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Local government serving citizens

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Drug Abuse – Surveying students

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Anti-Trafficking Education Program 2005

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Anti-Trafficking Education Program 2007 – 2008

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Getting to know Institutions

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Seminar on human trafficking

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Activities and Courses

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Strategic Planning (2008)

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New Horizon and other local NGO’s

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