Youth activists from Ulcinj handed over to the offices of the Municipality of Ulcinj the initiative for drafting the local action plan for youth and planning the “Youth Budget” for 2019. On this occasion, they were invited at a special meeting by the Mayor of Municipality Mr. Loro Ndrekiq and his associates. At this meeting, youth activists presented to the Mayor their point of views on the necessity to draft a quality youth policy in our municipality and to show a greater commitment to youth by the local government. Ceremonially, they handed over to the Mayor the documentary initiative, signed by 78 youth activists, requesting the drafting of the youth action plan as soon as possible so that the interests of the youth from Ulcinj can be realized with concrete activities. The initiative is based on the Law on Youth, which in article 24 establishes the necessity of local self-government to draft its youth action plan and to provide the budget necessary for the implementation of this plan.

After meeting with the Mayor of the Municipality of Ulcinj, youth activists visited the Civic Byro, which represents the first contact point of citizens with the municipality administration. The head of this service, Mr. Arjan Lamoja organized a brief presentation for youth regarding the operation of this special service for citizens.

This initiative is a result of the strengthening of the competences of youth leaders in the community, which was realized within the framework of the project “YOUTH PARTICIPATE, YOUTH TAKE ACTION”, implemented by NGO “New Horizon” in cooperation with the City Library, with the support of the Directorate for Youth in the Ministry of Sport of Montenegro.