The main goal of the project is to increase the knowledge of citizens, NGO representatives, youth activists and other interested parties about the importance of Public Administration Reform in Montenegro, so that all citizens can have access to public services, respectively, participation in the decision-making process, without discrimination and other barriers and with equal standards for everyone.

Through active engagement in promoting the principles of good governance and the rule of law, New Horizon has found that citizens in the local community, especially young people, do not have a clear picture of what Public Administration Reform entails. Young people often do not understand the language of public administration, whether in daily or official communication related to processes, regulations or different policies. For them, the language of administration is complex and incomprehensible. Misunderstanding the language leads to misunderstanding the process. These problems are even more pronounced in areas where minority peoples live. Therefore, this project is particularly focused on promoting the main goals and principles of the Public Administration Reform in local communities where the majority of the population uses the Albanian language.

The project envisages the organization of public events, information campaigns, thematic meetings and other activities with the aim of widely informing citizens, civil society organizations, youth activists, employees in public administration and the interested public, its main principles, with a special focus in principle: public administration based on diversity, equality, inclusion, non-discrimination and equal opportunities for all.

These activities will be preceded by a special training program for youth activists, who will play the role of promoters of the key principles of PAR as well as the possibilities of using electronic services, increasing digital literacy and informing about public services. that are available in electronic format in Montenegro.

Thematic discussion “Reform processes in local administration”

Workshops and study visit





The project is supported by the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro within the framework of the public call for financing projects/programs of non-governmental organizations for the year 2022 entitled “Together through the reform of public administration”.