NGO “New Horizon” presented the results of the project “SAFE ROADS – A PRIORITY OF MY CITY”  supported by the Ministry of Capital Investments of Montenegro – former Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs (within the public competition “Protect yourself, protect others! ”for 2020).

The research was focused on examining the attitudes of children and youth in Ulcinj regarding safety and risks in traffic, describing the observed behavior of traffic participants, habits of students dealing with traffic culture, assessing traffic safety in areas around schools and across the road from home to school. Through this analysis were identified the sources and ways through which students are informed and educated about this topic.

Based on the results of the research, it turned out that the road infrastructure is not a safe for students  in our city. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures in many aspects, in order to increase the level of safety for all traffic participants, especially children and youth.

For this reason, the team of experts engaged in the research gave some specific recommendations that would consequently significantly reduce the problems identified by the project participants, among which we point out :

  • setting marked crossings and safe pedestrian areas near schools;
  • arranging and putting into operation a larger number of sidewalks on each part of the road where the construction, environment, positioning and purpose of the road allows it;
  • increasing the level of information and study of traffic safety in formal and non-formal education;
  • increasing monitoring and control of road traffic as well as adequate implementation of preventive measures by the competent authorities and services;
  • on roads with a high frequency of traffic, and where there are already pedestrian islands, set up physical barriers (fences) that will prevent improper crossing of the streets by pedestrians;
  • create space for safe movement of cyclists, roller skaters and electric scooters.

Beside to the project team of the NGO New Horizon, in the implementation of this research was engaged a special team of experts consisting of : Hakile Resulbegoviq– specialist in research and statistics; Ognjen Bobicic – Road Traffic Specialist and Jozo Briskovic – Master of Traffic and President of the Association for Traffic Safety of Montenegro.

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