On Saturday, March 2nd, NGO “New Horizon” organized a conference titled “Civil Society and Media for Public Procurement Control – the main sources of information”.
The purpose of the training was to encourage and empower civil society and media representatives to make more use of available public procurement information and to link information from various sources. During this session the participants were acquainted with the basics of public procurement as well as with the particular phases in the public procurement cycle. Through practical exercises and group work, participants had the opportunity to learn and practice the methods of public procurement research. Particular attention is paid to the data that can be obtained regarding public procurement of POE “The Marine Goods” and the methodology for how this information can be found.

Moderator and lecturer of this seminar was Ana Gjurniq, public procurement research at the Alternative Institute (Podgorica).

This activity is part of the project “PUBLIC MONEY FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD” implemented in the framework of the Program for Civil Society and Media: Supporting the thematic regional networks of civil society organizations – “NGOs equal partners in the process of monitoring the finances public”, which is implemented at the Western Balkans level with the financial support of the European Union.