In the framework of the project “From fictitious to real hotel ideas for innovative forms of tourism” as part of the Interreg IPA South Adriatic 2021/2027 program, on April 24, 2024, New Horizon organized in Ulcinj a workshop entitled “Workation – an innovative model of tourism”.

Participants who exposed their presentations and actively participated in discussions in this workshop were: Representatives of the National Tourist Organization of Montenegro, the Municipality of Ulcinj, the University of Shkodër, professors from University of Salento, tourist companies, business associations, public institutions, tour operators from Albania and Montenegro.

The hospitality industry in Montenegro, new forms of eco-tourism and sustainable trends in tourism, slow travel, “Bleisure” tourism which combines business and leisure, were some of the key points in this workshop.

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The main goal of this workshop was defining and understanding the new form of tourism named “workation” or “work from touristic destination”. Engaged experts and panelists explained in detail the key aspects of this concept, the most common types of this model in tourism, the benefits that “workation” brings for employees, for the companies themselves, but also for the tourist destinations where these “digital” workers stay.

During the workshop, there were presented numerous examples from various European and world destinations where “workation” tourism became popular after the Covid 19 pandemic and which serve as models of good practice.


The project is implemented by: Leading partner – University of Salento (Lecce, Italy); Sviluppo Italia (Molise, Italy), “People in focus” (Albania) and New Horizont NGO (Montenegro).

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